Wednesday, May 25, 2016

e Comics on The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game

Behind every code is an enigma... and mystery.

Discover who...  I AM   

People breaking the Code

What's The Imitation Game really about? 
Imitate your Creator, then you will enter the mystery.  For the essence of the divine image is action. You should desire the well-being of your fellow creature, eyeing his good fortune benevolently.  You should desire what is right for your fellow; never denigrate him or wish for his disgrace. Just as God desires neither our disgrace nor our suffering, because of our close relationship with him, so you should not desire someone else's disgrace, suffering, or ruin. God does not behave as a human being normally behaves. If one person angers another, even after they reconciled the latter cannot bring himself to love the one who offended him as he loved him before. Yet if you sin and then return to God, your status is higher.  As the saying goes, "Those who return to God occupy a place where even the completely righteous cannot stand."  So when you return to God, and God restores the divine presence to you, his love for you is not the same as before but all the greater.  ...God will increase his compassion, mending us, bringing us closer. This is how you should behave toward your fellow human being.  Do not bear a grudge from the anger you felt.  When you see he wants to make up, be much more compassionate and loving than before. These are some of the qualities by which you resemble your Creator. Exactly as you behave, so it emanates from above. You cause that quality to shine in the world.   - Daniel C. Matt 

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