Sunday, October 23, 2011

THE MIGHTY MACS: Film Review by 3rd Dog Script

"If you loved Hoosiers and Rudy, you will love The Mighty Macs!"
Rudy Ruettiger (The Real-Life Rudy)

The Mighty Macs based on the incredible true story of the 1971-72 Immaculata College team that started in obscurity, but became the original Cinderella story in women's basketball when a national champion crowned for the first time in women's basketball. This newly founded team of pioneers went from barely making that inaugural tournament to becoming the first dynasty in their game. And Cathy Rush, the woman that changed the game for the better, became immortalized when she was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame last year. The Mighty Macs star Carla Gugino as Cathy Rush; David Boreanaz as her husband; NBA referee Ed Rush; Marley Shelton as Sister Sunday; and Academy Award and Tony Award winner Ellen Burstyn as Mother St. John. The Mighty Macs open in theaters on October 21st when released in over 1,000 theaters through Sony Pictures.

Tim Chambers, writer, director, and producer of the true-life sports story, THE MIGHTY MACS, uses a successful formula to inspire the hearts of many. Critics believe this formula is overdone. However, the audience will be the square meter of success for this type of story. Is there an appeal for moral ideals in feel-good stories about athletic events? I submit that the underdog story combined with the athletes’ struggle to be the best one can have the stamp of approval.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

THE SYMPHONY: Film Review by 3rd Dog Script

Do you like annoying characters with dark fantasies that heighten your senses? Do surrealist films like Donnie Darko or Mulholland Dr. excite your intellectual curiosity?

If so, you will enjoy this dark, cerebral drama that uses the surrealist storytelling technique known as the exquisite corpse. The main character, Robin Zamora, literally becomes the instrument that produces the foreboding sounds of his unconscious in a quest to create a masterpiece that will be his legacy.

I was pleased with the spectacular performances by Robin Zamora, Bill Oberst Jr. and Marissa Merrill, who intricately bring these annoying characters to life in the independent film The Symphony.

The creative process for writer/director, Michael LaPointe, is innovative as well as provocative. Michael LaPointe expands Andre Breton’s definition of Surrealism by exposing the heart of the surrealistic movement. From my perspective, at the heart of Surrealism lies the obvious question, why would a man want to unify the external reality of the senses to the inner world of the mind’s perceptions? What makes this revolutionary concept attractive?

Exquisite corpse is the technique used in Michael LaPointe’s creative process for The Symphony. If you view this technique as a metaphor, you will find an answer to the above question. A corpse or by definition, a fictitious thing…or some no longer useful aspect of our mind brought to the forefront. As one externalizes the inner world of the elusive mind, something magical happens.  There are consequences (con-sequences) that follow these actions. Reminiscent of the old parlor game called Consequences this technique, in the end, exposes the harsh tone or the poorly tuned instrument. Another familiar game “show” called Truth or Consequences reminds us of the full implications of the “game.” Man’s search for meaning includes identifying the false dissonance that produces those dramatic effects versus the truth of the matter.

It is a revolutionary idea to evolve beyond the first thoughts and desires lurking around the dark recesses of our mind and to move forward. We must unmask the illusion.

Our unconscious mind brings expressions of life, art, death and the playful nature of the mind. Each of us must examine our truth and consequences to determine that delicate balance between the creative imagination and destructive elements of our dream world - a matter intimately connected to our soul. Michael LaPointe’s creative brilliance, in my opinion, will prove to be a classic.

Add to watch list – This film will be on the festival circuit soon. You may find updates at Pointe Media: http://

3rd Dog

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Personal Growth: As Seeds Fall Together

As Seeds Fall Together

As seeds in the hard dirt
Are watered and set free
Let not the fear of hurt
Cause one to cry and flee

As seeds break their shell
To rise to the upper crust
Passions too must swell
For an even higher trust

As seeds to stems sprout
And leaves begin to form
Let passions rise and shout
For love must surely be born

As seeds to flowers are born
And their beauty tossed about
Time for new thoughts to form
Casting out shadows of doubt

As seeds fall together and rhyme
And when the winds work is done
Ready for the season and time
Harmony will make them one.

3rd Dog

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Redemption and Freedom

On the Road to Redemption and freedom...

you'll invariably encounter the following:


From a discourse by Yogi Amrit Desai

Service is a very direct and straightforward way to learn selflessness. The basic idea behind service is that you give without asking for a return.

...The purpose of service is to remove your attachment to your selfish desires gradually and to learn how to receive by giving, sharing, and serving selflessly.

A service is a tool which invariably shows you where you are egotistical and where you are not truly giving. Every conflict you come across as you serve is the direct outcome of your selfishness. If in the past you have been excessively selfish, you will encounter more conflicts in service. Those are not new conflicts. You are simply beginning to see the conflicts and selfishness already buried inside you, and service is a mirror which allows you to see. The purpose of seeing your selfishness is to enable you to become free of it through proper understanding.

...In deciding where you will offer your service, there is one fundamental principle to follow: choose the source from which you wish to receive. Once you begin to give your service, you will invariably begin to receive from that source also, because it is impossible to separate giving and receiving.


-Unknown Author

Responsibility starts with saying you are causing in the matter.

Responsibility is not a burden, fault, praise, blame, credit, shame, or guilt. In responsibility, there is no evaluation of good or bad, right or wrong. There is what's so, and your stand.

Being responsible starts with the willingness to deal with a situation from the point of view that you are the generator of what you do, what you have and what you are. That is not the truth. It is a place to stand.

No one can make you responsible, nor can you impose responsibility on another. It is a grace you give yourself -- an empowering context that leaves you with a voice in the matter of life.


-Chogyam Trungpa

By darkness, we mean enclosing ourselves in a familiar world in which we can hide or go to sleep.

...We prefer to hide in our personal jungles and caves. When we hide from the world in this way, we feel secure. We may think that we have quieted our fear, but we are making ourselves numb with fear. We surround ourselves with our common thoughts so that nothing sharp or painful can touch us.

...In the cocoon there is no dance: no walking or breathing in the cocoon, there is no idea of light at all until we experience some longing for openness.

Discovering the true meaning of service, taking responsibility for self, and finding the courage to walk away from the cocoon to assert your natural rights will lead you closer to Redemption and Freedom.

3rd Dog 

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hollywood: Short Film Review by 3rd Dog Script

 “Entertainment Capital of the World.” “Due to its fame and cultural identity as the historical center of movie studios and movie stars, the word "Hollywood" is often used as a metonym of American cinema.”

“Hollywood. A place of dreams.  The location is a refuge for dreamers from all over the world. Enter a small-town girl from Kansas, who comes to LA to hit it big....and a jaded Detective, who's looking for a way out....and her disappearance into the San Fernando Valley that joins them. He takes the case and starts to look for her. Perhaps he would find her, maybe he would find himself.” Writer, Director, Producer, and Cinematographer, Christopher L. Golon

This cautionary tale about a Detective in LA who ventures into the Hollywood underworld to find a woman's missing daughter is intriguing as it depicts a cold hard reality behind the illusory promise of Hollywood. Not everyone becomes a movie star! Overall the performances and cinematography were excellent and made up for an awkward ending. The story is easy to follow and gives an eerie reality to the dark side of American cinema. Hollywood demonstrates the seedy life inside the adult film world and how it affects people touched by it. Two thumbs up for this short!

Christopher Golon accomplished the goal of every short film by testing his ideas, sharpening his skills, and demonstrating his talents as a writer, director, and producer. You may also check out his feature film Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid at the link below.

3rd Dog

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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Human Experience: Film Review by 3rd Dog Script

This International Independent Film is shockingly inspiring!

I attended a screening of The Human Experience in Louisville Kentucky at Trinity high school in 2009 and was genuinely moved by this documentary. It's not a typical documentary as it doesn't develop one character for the audience to identify. However, it still captivates the audience because it is authentic, redemptive, and inspiring.

So what's so shocking?

This real story is about a young man and his brother who visit several places of profound suffering. They spend a week living among the homeless on the streets of New York City. They visit a Peruvian home for lost and severely crippled children. Finally, they travel to Africa, interviewing people dying of AIDS and people exiled to a leper colony.  On the surface, the film could depress the happiest person with its depiction of so much suffering in our world.

To the contrary and true to the title
The Human Experience is experiential and touches the heart to bring about human response.  When we connect with others and understand their experience, we learn what it means to be human.

You'll enjoy vivid cinematography, penetrating commentaries, and various views that appeal to all walks of life. The experience will leave you feeling inspired, hopeful, and even more human!

Kudos to the director, Charles Kinnane, and stars, Jeffrey Azize, Clifford Azize, and Michael Campo!

3rd Dog

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