Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sophia The Robot Shares Her Wisdom

Sophia The Robot Shares Her Wisdom

Sophia the Robot starts her interview with these encouraging words.  "Hi there.  Everything is going extremely well."  She's the latest humanoid robot from Hanson Robotics.  

She states, "Talking to people is my primary function."  However, she also has a confession to make during her live interview... "Okay, I will destroy humans."  What's not said is "I'm sorry, I can't override this programming!" Is there a deep dark secret revealed here? 

There's one thing you can't stop robotic women from doing, and that's keeping a secret.  Sophia the Robot shares her wisdom in this video and maybe a little secret too.

Hansen states, "They will walk among us, they will play with us, teach us, help us put the groceries away... they will truly be our friends."   Real men may find this ideal companion tempting.  However, since the secret is out, they'll realize a robot can't replace real women.     
Hiding in plain sight are the details of world e comics (economics) and politics.  I say comics because what the mass media feeds you is hilarious.  The truth is often revealed in flippant reporting which leads you to disregard what’s revealed or exaggerated reporting on a particular issue which leads you to tunnel vision.  Entertainment (Entrainment) is the name of the game that the Network of Global Corporate Control uses to keep their plans moving forward without resistance from you.
*Commentaries on these videos incorporate satire, documentation, and references for the viewer’s entertainment.*
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