Monday, April 4, 2016

e Comics on Foreign Policy

Song: Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan | extra 3 
"The video shows footage of Erdogan’s most absurd public moments, intercut with crackdowns on protesters. “Equal rights for women: beaten up equally,” the song goes, as police beat women with batons.
Despite mounting human rights abuses, Germany can’t afford to be too hard on Turkey these days, with a refugee deal on the line. Turkey has agreed to take back refugees who reach Greece by boat, in exchange for the resettlement of refugees currently in Turkey and other concessions by the EU.
By summoning Germany’s ambassador, Erdogan has continued efforts to extend the reach of his crackdown on free speech beyond Turkey’s borders. This month, Der Spiegel, the magazine that broke the story of the diplomatic spat over the video, had to withdraw its Istanbul correspondent over concerns about the government’s treatment of the press."  - Passport/ 3-29-16
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*Top Video* highlighting the definition of e-comics - a new buzzword created by 3rd Dog on March 27, 2016, in the first episode of the new Secure News TV series: The People vs. NGCC.   
Hiding in plain sight are the details of world e comics (economics) and politics.  I say comics because what the mass media feeds you is hilarious.  The truth is often revealed in flippant reporting which leads you to disregard what’s revealed or exaggerated reporting on a particular issue which leads you to tunnel vision.  Entertainment (Entrainment) is the name of the game that the Network of Global Corporate Control uses to keep their plans moving forward without resistance from you.  *Commentaries on these videos incorporate satire, documentation, and references for the viewer’s entertainment.*
    3rd Dog  @3rddogscript  @Securenewstv 

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