Wednesday, August 24, 2016

e Comics on the Deep State Puddle

Deep State is another name for State Capture.  State capture is a type of systemic political corruption in which private interests significantly influence a state's decision-making processes to their own advantage through unobvious channels, that may not be illegal. The influence may be through a range of public institutions, including the legislature, executive, ministries and the judiciary. It is thus similar to regulatory capture but differs from the wider variety of bodies through which it may be exercised and because, unlike regulatory capture, the influence is never overt.  

The not so Deep State can be seen and heard around the world.  I'll give you a few examples to check out for yourself.  The first video is the movie Our Brand is Crisis (their brand is cr isis).  Spoiler - at the end of the film, the politician ends up going along with IMF (IMF's Secretariat) demands to increase the interest rate on the country's loan (debt).  The endgame is for all deep state maneuvering.        

"...the subterranean workings of government."  Moyers - The Deep State

The corruption at the World Bank and IMF have been exposed by Karen Hudes.  The IMF's Secretariat is different than the IMF's Board of Governors, where Karen Hudes holds a 17% vote on behalf of the US until the US Constitution goes back into effect. The Network of Global Corporate Control is about as deep as a puddle now, and the world is wise to their objectives.
Check out Secure News TV for more information.         

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