Sunday, December 27, 2009

What Inspires You and How Do You Express It?

We all have unique God-given talents to express to the world, and when we’re creating those pent up, negative feelings are hidden inside us transform into a beautiful art form. We celebrate our human abilities when we connect with and appreciate what others have expressed. What inspires you and how do you express it?

How do I express those pent up feelings…you know the pushed aside emotions we all have? Well.. it all started in my teens with a love of words and a desire to create a rhythm with words - a poet in the making.

I recently realized I hadn't written any poems lately…and I need to reconnect with that passion. This particular way of expressing like other avenues of expression is only remarkable to me and may seem like crazy nonsense to some.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the poem I’m sharing with you. I wrote this poem in 1994 for a class assignment - “write a poem about poetry.”

Oh Bird in Flight

Thy beautiful omniscient bird once caged do bring
The soul’s signing from oceans, rivers, and seas
Of emotions that dwell in the placid lake of reality
Oh bird in flight now must need be for you to sing
Of meanings plain and far beyond the well which spring
An order made precise with only a command to please
A legacy to the world of prose as a language to tease
The boundaries and definition of an indefinable thing
To capture the sky in vivid paintings of colorful rhyme
While ever softly whispering sounds of a distant sight
Your nature comes from the dank depths of day and night
Like a mountain of dreams slowly one is forced to climb
Oh, the bird in flight must needs be I understand, I might.

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