Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Self Improvement Junkie: Here's the Main Ingredient for Transformation!

A Self Improvement Junkie loves the warm bowl of chicken soup that makes him feel good inside but lacks the main ingredient needed for transformation.

By this, I mean… the “junkie” attends many motivational seminars… reads personal growth books and still, makes few changes. They just enjoy the positive energy, wise words, and connection with others. What’s missing in this soup is the main ingredient!

Don’t misunderstand where I’m coming from

I’ve gained great information, insights, motivation, etc. from seminars I’ve attended and books I’ve read on self-improvement. It’s accelerated my growth! There are thousands of people every day who change due to their participation. And I’ve also noticed during my experience many Self Improvement Junkies.

My inquisitive nature begged the question

Why, do some people get excited, contribute ideas, show enthusiasm, but don’t personally have a transformation? They’re motivated for a while and then go back to more seminars to regain their energy. Why wouldn’t everyone attending these workshops just explode with change and growth? You’ve heard the overwhelmingly convincing pitches. So why do some people go back to their old patterns of thinking and doing?

What’s even worse

…the Self Improvement Junkie may believe a false assumption about them – “of course I can’t change I’m not good enough!” “Maybe something will rub off on me if I hang out with active people.”

The secret recipe is to “know thy self” not just follow others hoping it will rub off or change you somehow. Knowing thyself is not an easy task because it requires above all things the main ingredient - honesty. You must be honest with yourself to assess your strengths, weaknesses, and growth!

Give yourself an amazing gift for the holidays and promise, to be honest!
-3rd Dog

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