Saturday, August 1, 2015

week Five

Clint alone in the café

Week Five - Editing

Exploring Film

Background story
Clint, aged around 7, has been making a packed lunch for himself and his unemployed father. After packing the sandwiches in a plastic box, the pair set out for the local town where the dad has an appointment for a job interview. Arriving at a local café, dad buys the cheapest snack possible, and asks the waitress to keep an eye on Clint while he goes to an amusement arcade across the road for the interview.
The scene starts with Clint alone in the café, except for the waitress, who is working at the other end of the room. He looks out of the café window to see if he can see his father returning from the interview. As his father has been gone some time, Clint grows anxious. Suddenly, he decides to leave the cafe. He picks up his sandwich box and runs to the door; at that moment a vagrant enters, and Clint retreats to his chair in the café. The vagrant is hungry and has his eye on the boy’s packed lunch.

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