Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SOCIAL ISSUE FILM: Review by 3rd Dog Script


Writer and director, Edgar Michael Bravo, and Producer, John Paul Rice, present a social issue film with a unique perspective. The main character's psychological struggle on an individual conscious level also reflects the larger struggle occurring on the collective conscious. This movie demonstrates how the social issue of abuse has a profound effect on all of us.

As the title suggests, this will be intense and may take you down a rabbit hole. Like the character in The Matrix facing reality proves to be an adventure for Paul, the main character, and will require not being distracted by MOTHER'S RED DRESS...which becomes his trigger. Dissociating from abuse tragedy and violence is our first line of defense both individually and collectively. You may find traveling with Paul on his inner journey toward awareness and healing will bring you to a deeper awareness.

Paul attempts to piece together the past after seeing his mother kill her abusive boyfriend. He leaves home for a small town in Southern California where he meets a young woman, Ashley, who inspires him to rebuild his life. Paul is hopeful for his future with Ashley until he receives an urgent call from his mother. She is dying of cancer and wants to reunite her son with his father who abandoned them years ago. Paul returns home, ready to help his mother and forgive his father, but finds a terrible truth waiting for him.

You'll be pleased with the superb performance by the actors Timothy Driscoll (Paul), Alexandra Swarens (Ashley), Alisha Seaton (Mother), Amanda Reed (Brenda) excellent cinematography and the original scores by composers Christine Wu and Kevin Doucette in this independent film. I had the pleasure of attending the PREMIERE at the Derby City Film Festival this year and enjoyed viewing MOTHER'S RED DRESS.

3rd Dog

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