Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh What Beauty

Oh what beauty and depth I see in your face

I leap beyond the horizon into space.

What do I truly see when looking at thee?

The infinite possibilities locked inside of me.

To be lured outside of my limited point of view

I move toward the infinite qualities in you.

When I look into your eyes, I feel so vulnerable,

Eager and willing to step into the unknowable.

Oh what beauty and depth I see in your face

Remembered from a different time and place.

What a great mirror you present to me.

Is it a cosmic mirror reflecting our eternity?

I reach for a broader understanding of the strife

I trust the force of love to bring order to life.

My fellow human keep searching until you find

That elusive spark of light which cures the blind.

Oh what beauty and depth I see in your face

As each moment together is spent in grace.

You melt the covering from my eyes to see

All the reflections of what is meant to be.

The ignorant or foolish games we play

 will in the course of time fade away.

But the positive and powerful humankind

That expands and lights up the human mind.

-3rd Dog © 2010 All Rights Reserved

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