Thursday, January 14, 2010

Your Personal Growth: Requires The Edge

As I prepared my 2010 list of books to read one particular book stood out sharply! Libby Gill’s “You Unstuck: Mastering the New-Rules of Risk-Taking in Work & Life.”

The book cover reminds me of a 3D image that magically transports me to another place and time. On the cover of Libby’s book, you’ll see butterflies, a symbolic image often used in personal growth to demonstrate change. The 3D image below is also about change.

If you scroll down to the end of the page, you’ll see a picture with five rows of butterflies. Yes, there is another image hidden inside, but I won’t mention what it is until later on. (It may take a few moments to diverge your eyes to see the 3D image.)

Beyond the cover and inside Libby’s book lies information about risk-taking. The thing that will get you beyond your rut and “unstuck.” I can’t wait to read the book because I am a firm believer that risk-taking is an ongoing process throughout a person’s life. I recall a time of excitement and fear when I was compelled to document those feelings in a poem. You know that feeling the one where you say what have I done.

Many people may be experiencing the same feelings right now: “I know this is good for my personal growth, but I’m afraid of making a change.”

I documented my feelings about a significant change I made in my early twenties in The poem below written in February 1986.  I joined the U. S. Army to be “all I could be.”

The Edge

Upon the edge, life is to be enlivened.
To open new doors thus comes
A cascade of clear vision.
Eyes widen even more for
The cliff hath the greatest view.
And like the eagle soars
It is given only to a few
Many stands and peer overhead
Never to learn… but
To be among the living dead.

The butterflies (changes) put together in an orderly fashion create the 3D image of a STAR. And…your personal growth requires “The Edge” (risk-taking) in a progressive fashion to be the STAR you ARE!

-3rd Dog

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  1. Hi there,

    I was delighted to see that my book madn your list of must reads. I applaud the risk-taking you are obviously doing and I hope You Unstuck helps take you to even greater heights.

    Please let me know how you like it. And keep posting your poetry! Very inspiring!!


  2. Libby, please forgive me for taking so long to respond…I just read your comment!

    I’m truly excited and honored to find your comment on my blog - Inspirations by 3rd Dog Script.

    I’ve been following you on FB for a while and noticed the recent post “Girl Friend We Gotta Talk.” After listening in on the radio show, I was compelled to share your wisdom!! I’ll definitely share more once I’ve read YOU UNSTUCK. Thanks so much for your comment… xo Betsy