Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where Do You, Art, and Personal Development Meet?

I have recently found an exciting art form that I want to share with you today. Sacred Geometry 101 and Mandalas by Charles Gilchrist.

To find where you, art, and personal development meet we must first discover the starting point to understand the world around us.

Division or Unity? Let's look at the word division first and break it down. Di and vision = the vision or perspective based on two that often implies separateness. And unity or oneness.

The video below will assist you in discovering a starting point. You'll also find duality from oneness, not separateness.

The second video below will help you discover where you, art, and personal development meet.

Art and personal development have the same effect to reconnect our consciousness to the infinite.

-3rd Dog Script aka Betsy Malone

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