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The Power of Focus: 3 Keys on How You Can "Be a Lucky One"

The Power of Focus: 3 Keys on How You Can “Be a Lucky One.”

Let me start with a short story that expresses my way of being…

Cramped inside a filthy bunker of sandbags holding an M60 machine gun…guarding Iraqi prisoners…I came to the realization that my marriage wasn’t working. I decided I must get a divorce when I return home from Desert Storm. My second thought I must pay off my debts to make that transition. How will I pay off my debts? I must go to Las Vegas and win big! I started telling others of my intentions of going to Las Vegas to win big money - at least $10,000 to pay off my debt.

My first visit to Las Vegas

I went to Las Vegas a few months after returning from the desert! And…it was fantastic with dazzling lights nonstop action and the ring of money in the air. I stood in the doorway of Circus Circus searching the room for the biggest slot machine I could find. I had $100 in dollar coins to win big or go home! My heart was pounding with excitement, and I found a massive slot machine with an enormous lever. I ran for it! I put my money in… and pulled the large lever watched carefully every move the numbers made until I got the numbers 777.

Loud buzzer rings and people stare. What did I win? Millions? The bottom tray fills up with coins. It totaled $3,000. Not exactly the amount I needed. My husband tells me its beginners “luck, ” and I’ll probably lose all my money by the end of the night. My thoughts I did it once I can do it again…and off I go. I’ll only use $100 in dollar coins… win big or go to the hotel room.

Many machines took my dollar coins and spat out a few coins here and there. I’m starting to wear down. Then magic happens I hit the jackpot again…and this time for $7,000. My husband now hovers over me in a frenzy. I declare…time to go to the hotel room and retire for the night. That was my last trip to Las Vegas and our last trip together as we divorced soon.

BA777one (my twitter account) isn’t a secret code. “Be a (777)lucky one” formed from my name (B. A. Malone) reminds me of that moment in time above…a time filled with fear and uncertainty for my future and what happened when I created a plan and stuck with it!

Ooops! I probably went over the word limit for a blog post. You can’t leave yet! You need to see the

3 Keys on How You Can “Be a Lucky One.”
Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to advocate running off to Las Vegas or anything like that. This post is about The Power of Focus, and my story will help illustrate the main points.

The 3 Keys are Shift, Determine Your Focus and Zoom In! Take a few minutes to look at the large picture above and look carefully to determine what you see. (You may need to align the image to fill your computer screen) Are you back?

Okay… red roses on a white background aligned in a weird pattern. Great… we can see the obvious.

The picture is a 3D illusion and to discover the image within this film may take several attempts to diverge your eyes. You need to shift your focus from the picture (visible) as if you were looking at a faraway object.

Don’t worry if you can’t see the heart shaped image formed within the picture that is created from the pattern of roses. Most people find it difficult to diverge or shift their focus from the obvious things they see around them to the hidden possibilities. You may even notice the weird patterns that show up in your life without seeing what’s behind them. Remember, they both exist at the same time in the picture!

The Power of Focus 's hard to obtain for most people because intense feelings or thoughts cause most people to rely on old patterns (often called ruts). Good news, the ability to shift your focus during such critical times only takes practice and patience. Once inside the door, it’s time to make a decision on where you want to go or how you want to handle a problem. It’s much easier now that you have a wider view with more possibilities than the old patterns you relied upon over the years. Don’t rush to make a decision like I did. Wow, I could have focused on more money an excellent job…etc. My expectations were limited to a game of chance to “pay off my debt?” Determine your focus well and on exactly what you want to enter that second door.

Finally, the last entry requires zooming in on the object of your attention. Zoom in means figure out the details to accomplish your goal or your dream! Then take action to make a change or achieve your aim.  When you use the three keys, experience the Power of Focus.

The hidden meaning –
Lots of love creates a Big Heart

-3rd Dog3D Illusion by N.E. Thing Enterprises
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